Nashville Non-Profit Internet Training Conference

Community Growth through Community Partnerships

Welcome to the internet technology training center for not-for-profit groups
across North America and around the world.

Hi. My name is Phil Cullum.

I know something of the difficulties community not-for-profit groups face as they bring improvements to their communities and around the world. This site is dedicated to helping the leadership of these groups improve their public relations, operational and fund-reaising activities using the internet.

Consequently, we are inviting leaders of not-for-profit groups to attend, at no charge, a conference we have planned for the business world.

The conference is intended to show profit-making businesses how they can conduct business online, but since most of the principles apply to non-profits, too, we have extended this invitation to non-profits to attend.

Topics to be discussed include:

  • How to make your site attractive for your donors and potential donors
  • How to facilitate donors' keeping up with your news
  • How to facilitate secure donations via Paypal and other payment processors.
  • How to maintain your mailing list in ways that will minimize your time and cost in keeping it updated, while at the same time avoiding cries of "Spam."
  • How to locate new donors and attract them to your site and more importantly, to your cause.
  • How to find legitimate organizations concerned about your cause with websites of their own and partner with them to promote the goals you share.
  • How to simplify your payment processing so you can accept donations directly from your web site.
  • How to successfully combine online marketing with direct mail.
  • How to treat the website business issues you face online so you don't run afoul of the law.
  • All these topics and many more are critical to your mission and your online success. If you want to quickstart your organization's online presence, I suggest you send representatives to The Music City Marketing Conference, June 19-21, 2009, held at the beautiful Airport Marriott in Nashville. At the conference, we will help you build your web presence on the right footing so its success is not left to chance.

    In Nashville, TN, the beautiful Airport Marriott is home to the 2009 conference that focuses on creating an organization's website and using it productively.

    Maybe you have heard of these mentors who will be leading the sessions. If not, Google them. You will be surprised in how many references to them you find. The are at the top of the internet training field.

    It's hard to imagine any question on marketing a non-profit on the internet that someone on this team couldn't answer.

    If you need this kind of information, it's time to sign up.

    And Not-for-Profit organizations will have their ticket fee waived when they present their 501(c)(3) organization documentation.

    Bring a team from your group. Your directors, your president, anyone who helps define and implement your organization's plans--a maximum of four people from a not-for-profit will be admitted free.

    So Act Right Now and Reserve your complimentary seats at The Music City USA Marketing Conference

    I'm Impressed. That's The Best Training Deal I've Ever Heard - Sign Me Up NOW!

    By the time you leave this three-day marketing workshop, your team will have absorbed enough razor-sharp marketing skills that you'll know more about internet marketing than 98% of the entire marketing world.

    To Your philanthropic Success,

    Phil Cullum with Kristi Sayles,
    Music City Marketing Conference

    P.S. You *must* take action to get what you want. You know you want to be there on June 19th when we open the doors to the conference room and kick off the event... the question is... are you willing to make the time commitment required to advance your chorus's future?

    After you register for the conference, we take you to a confirmation page, which you can print for your records. On that page, we provide a link to Marriott's website to get our discount room rate (we arranged for all rooms to include wireless internet, by the way, at no extra charge.), so hurry and reserve your hotel room, unless you are close enough to drive home at night. The Marriott offers our participants a $40 discount off their usual rates.

    100% Risk-Free Acceptance Form
    *With Satisfaction Conviction Guarantee*

    Yes! our group wants to be among the first to take action right now. I'm clicking the button below to secure my ticket, and I understand one ticket admits up to two people from our group absolutely free of charge. And a not-for-profit organization can receive a maximum of two tickets.

    We will present our 501(c)(3) documentation at the registration desk on the day of the conference.

    Our group is extremely excited to be a part of this amazing Conference and can't wait to attend! Please reserve our tickets for the Music City Marketing Conference 2009 held at the Marriott Hotel in Nashville, Tennessee USA on Friday, June 19th through the 21st...

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